What is Planet Of The Blogs?
Apart from being a play on words using the book / film / musical title "Planet Of The Apes", Planet Of The Blogs (www.planetoftheblogs.com) is an aggregation (see below) of Irish blogs. This means that you can read all of the listed blogs by Irish citizens or people living in Ireland in one place.
What is a blog?
A blog, short for web log or weblog, is an online journal, where others can comment on your journal entries.
What do you mean by aggregation?
One of the features of blogs is that they often provide their content as syndicated "feeds" in a standard computer-readable form such as RSS or Atom. This means that others (sites, software programs) can access the content and use it for purposes such as obtaining the most recent articles from one or many blog sites, reading entries in your favourite e-mail or news program, etc.
What's useful about Planet Of The Blogs?
As well as the already mentioned advantage of having all Irish blogs in one place, some useful features include:
  • Search facility, allowing you to search through all the entries aggregrated from the 500+ blogs listed.
  • Local browse functionality, where you can read summaries of aggregregated entries from a particular blog without leaving Planet Of The Blogs.
  • News feeds in RSS and Atom formats, listing all the most recent entries from the aggregated blogs. Instead of subscribing to 500+ syndicated blog feeds, just subscribe to one in your favourite news reader program or aggregator site.
Who is behind www.planetoftheblogs.com?
John Breslin (AKA Cloud), administrator of boards.ie, and Martin Feeney (AKA mbf).
What the hell is that logo about?
It's Doctor Zaius from Planet Of The Apes.
How can I help?
In lots of ways. Submit your blog or those of others. Link to Planet Of The Blogs from your site, or use one of the buttons below.


Planet Of The Blogs